According to recent data from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) on construction statistics, the top cause of fatal injuries in the construction industry in 2020-2021 is due to falling from great heights. Safety helmets, sometimes called hard hats, are one of the most common protective gear in various manual working environments. They protect the head from a wide range of hazards, such as falling objects and electricity, to name a few. 

Safety helmets mainly aim to cushion the blow to the head in order to prevent these fatal injuries. However, faulty, expired, or poor-quality safety helmets may do more damage than good, which is why it is important to invest in high-quality helmets that follow the British Standard (BS) EN 397 for industrial safety helmets. The Ffrost Safety Construction Helmet is a Premium Protection Product manufactured with the highest quality materials, taking into account not only these standards but also your individual comfort.

Peak protection – the SaFfest 

The outer shell is made out of carbon fibre, a lightweight material that is also strong and durable. Carbon fibre coupled with Sorbothane ensures that the impact is dispersed across the surface of the helmet to reduce the shock to the head. The internal skeleton is dipped in polymer to ensure that the shock is further absorbed and the energy is distributed around the helmet with little to no damage to the head. 

Peak technology – the Ffittest

Ffrost Safety Construction Helmets are built for you. Experts and specialists come together to create a helmet that maximizes safety and comfort without compromising its design. These helmets are not only built for you, they are literally built around you– each helmet is bespoke by utilizing the 3D scanning technology and ensuring that the helmet is tailored to each individual’s head shape and size. The best fit ensures maximum protection, securing the helmet on your head, leaving no room for any errors when it comes to preventing injuries.

Peak functionality – the Ffinest

Head safety is the top priority when creating helmets. The design ensures overall safety and protection from various work environment hazards, but that is not all. The helmet is not only made to fit your head shape and size, but it is also designed to cater to other protective gear necessary for work. Special attachment points are present to allow visors and special ear protectors to sit in place while you move comfortably. The helmet also comes with a bag that helps keep the helmet at its best quality when it is not worn on the head, maintaining its perfect shape.

The Ffrost brand was established on the promise of providing the world’s safest and most customisable helmets. Alex Ffrost, the founder of the Ffrost brand, believes that safety can go hand-in-hand with an adventurous lifestyle. That is why the brand is strongly driven by the purpose of keeping you safer, without compromising your comfort.