Safety helmets are one of the most crucial personal protective equipment (PPE) when working in especially hazardous environments. In construction sites, wearing hard hats is a must, with varying class standards which aim to maximise protection depending on your exposure to certain dangers. The categories may be confusing, and looking for the best option can be daunting once you start searching for the right fit. We will discuss below just why the Ffrost brand offers you an excellent deal.

The Ffrost Safety Helmets ensure maximum protection and maximum comfort come hand in hand. They are made to cater to individual features to ensure that the helmet is perfectly placed atop your head. How does the Ffrost brand achieve this? Read on below to find out more about their unique safety helmet.

The shell

The shell is made of the highest quality materials available in the market. The outer shell is made of carbon fibre and Sorbothane, both of which are excellent in dispersing the strong impact across the surface of the helmet. Furthermore, the internal lining is dipped in polymer for the absorption of any shock that goes through to the inner shell, further reducing the impact on the head. These combinations make sure that your head remains unharmed with little to no damage even when stronger impacts are encountered.

The shape

Maximum comfort is achieved through the overall structure of the hat itself. While using lightweight products to ensure that the helmet can be worn all day long, the actual selling point of the Ffrost brand is its shape. Each helmet is bespoke as it takes into consideration the unique head and facial features of each individual. Modern technology, namely 3D scanning technology, allows the customisation of every helmet as necessary. Your helmet will always be the perfect fit, leaving no room for discomfort at any time of the day.

The shades (aka the visor)

Hard hats can be equipped with accessories or other protective gear you might need as it is customised. An important add-on to your trusty helmet is the visor. Hard hats can protect you from impacts to the head or electricity, but it does not ensure your face is protected from hazards. The visor will definitely help keep your five senses intact, as you are protected from anything ranging from flying debris to welding spatters. This accessory is crucial when working on these kinds of projects. The visor can be extended from an eye shield to a full-on face shield, depending on your needs and demand. The specifications of the visor are highly flexible, as it can also cater to your individual features.

The Ffrost Safety Helmet and the Ffrost Branding have always put safety as the top priority. Their philosophy is grounded on both safety and comfort with little to no trade-off, so you know you can’t go wrong when you choose their product as your top pick.