Safety helmets are one of the standard personal protective equipment (PPE) worn when working in hazardous sites or environments. While the hard hat is considered common safety equipment, various safety hazards from different professions require different levels of protection. Because of this, choosing the right one to wear may be a bit frustrating, but we will tell you why the Ffrost brand may just be the perfect option for you.

The Ffrost Safety Helmets are bespoke safety helmets which aim to maximise not only protection but also comfort. They create safety helmets unique to each individual and ensure necessary attachments for extra protection can be put in place for your different work needs. Find out more about how Ffrost Safety Helmet can optimise safety and comfort all in one. 

The hat is made from the best protective materials

The hard hat uses a combination of the highest quality materials that make sure your head is snug and safe from most dangers you may encounter in the workplace. The outer shell is made of carbon fibre and Sorbothane, a combination which is regarded as excellent in dispersing strong impact across the surface of the hat. The internal lining is also dipped in polymer for further shock absorption which greatly reduces the shock that will finally come into contact with your head. These materials make sure that falling debris or a fall from great heights can be survived with the least trouble.

The size is bespoke and can fit you perfectly

If your day job requires wearing the hats on a regular basis, then this may be your answer to have a comfortable fit that can last throughout the day. The Ffrost brand uses modern 3D scanning technology to allow the hat to fit your head perfectly, taking into account all head and facial features, and adjusting it accordingly. To add to that, materials are lightweight to ensure that you can endure the whole day without it becoming a burden.

The hat has provisions for ear defenders

It may be quite difficult to wear two different safety equipment in just one head. Fortunately, the Ffrost Safety Helmet has provision for ear defenders, which are important in reducing noise levels that may damage your eardrum. This is especially important when working in the forestry and sawmills industry. In addition, the hat’s accessory is not limited to ear defenders, but can also include visors which can help protect your eyes from fine sawdust to welding spatters.

The Ffrost Safety Helmet and the Ffrost Branding have always put safety as the top priority. With both safety and comfort on your side, you know you can’t go wrong when you choose their line of safety helmets.