Cricket is England’s national summer sport likewise enjoyed by many other countries. It involves two teams of 11 players who try to score as many runs as possible. There are two main roles in the game; the bowler, responsible for “bowling” the ball toward the batsman on the other side and the batsmen, who will attempt to hit the ball hurling toward them at high speeds. 

There have been numerous injuries and fatalities from this sport mainly due to the severe impact of the ball hitting a player. It was only when helmets were made compulsory around the 1980s that the rates for fatalities steadily declined, which shows the importance of protective gear in sports. If you are looking to find out more about the perfect helmet to protect your head, then read more to know about why the Ffrost brand may just be the right “fit” for you.

Optimal protection

The Ffrost cricket helmets ensure peak protection through the highest quality materials available in the market. Two protective layers make up the shell’s exoskeleton: the Sorbothane layer and the carbon fibre layer. The Sorbothane layer is the inner layer that is an excellent shock absorber that dissipates energy across the surface. The external layer is made of carbon fibre panels fitted on the Sorbothane as it can withstand great impacts, and is one of the most lightweight materials available. The face guard has grills made from titanium and has been tested to resist impacts against speeds up to 120 miles per hour, which is more than the average ball speed for cricket (approximately 100 mph). This all-around protection makes sure that batsmen and wicket-keepers can play freely without compromising their safety.

Optimal fit

If you aren’t sold yet, then this may be your reason to choose this cricket helmet. The cricket helmets offered by Ffrost are not only built for protection, but also for comfort. An optimal fit will ensure optimal performance, and this is where this brand comes in. Apart from its lightweight materials, the latest 3D-scanning technology is used to keep track of all the head and facial features of each individual and make sure it is a perfect fit.

Optimal service

Whether you’re looking to play casually or long-term, they got you. Currently, two models are being developed for this series: the Club and the Pro.


If you don’t play big leagues or are simply trying this sport for fun, then this may be for you. This model is the helmet in its simpler form but still optimized for protection and fit.


If you are a professional looking for a long-term deal for your helmets, then this model is the way to go. Since the manufacturing of the helmets uses 3D-scanning technology, your data can be stored for future use in case there would be adjustments necessary. Athletes playing for multiple teams or specific brands can fit their logos right in, and change the colours as necessary. This model serves the player more efficiently, and may even literally be the deal of a lifetime.

The Ffrost brand produces a line of helmets, from occupational safety gear to outdoor and sports, with the belief that comfort should not have to be sacrificed for safety.