Dubbed as England’s national summer sport, cricket is a popular sport not just in the country, but across the globe. It is a fun game involving two teams of 11 players competing for the highest runs. The game is initiated once the bowler sends the ball to the batsmen, who will try to hit the ball and score runs. While this is a game enjoyed by many, it is a game which poses dangers when safety is not taken seriously. This is because the ball can travel at high speeds and be hurled towards the other team’s player, it can pose some risks of injury.

In the 1980s, wearing helmets became compulsory for batsmen and wicketkeepers to help reduce the risk of fatalities. Since then, the number of fatalities dropped significantly. This shows the importance of safety gear when playing any physical sport. If you came across this article trying to find the best cricket helmet for you, then read more about the Ffrost Cricket Helmets below.

Highest protection

As mentioned above, cricket can be a dangerous sport without the correct gear. This is also true for wearing gear that is cheap and low in quality. The Ffrost Cricket Helmet ensures maximum protection by using the highest quality materials for the helmet. With the outer layer being made up of carbon fibre and the inner layer of Sorbothane, this combination of materials makes for an optimal gear. These materials are both lightweight and excellent absorbers that big impacts won’t inflict heavier damage. Furthermore, titanium grills protect your face from the ball’s impact. This helmet has been tested against a speed of up to 120 mph, so with a normal cricket ball at 90mph, you will surely be protected from any direction.

Highest visibility

What’s special about the Ffrost helmets is that they are bespoke and custom-fit for an individual player’s head and facial features. With the use of the latest 3D-scanning technology, you are sure to have the best fit and, not just that, you also get to have the highest visibility during gameplay. As your unique features are taken into account, sizes and placements of the grills can be adjusted to ensure your line of sight won’t be compromised. Since it is crucial for batsmen to hit the ball, this tweak will definitely improve your performance on the field.

Highest versatility

The Ffrost helmets do not stop at protection and performance– they also consider portability. They have two models to choose from: the Club and the Pro. What’s the difference? The Club model is used for players who play for leisure or casual sporting events, while the Pro model is used for professional athletes. How are they distinct? Let’s list some of their qualities:

  • Both models provide the same level of protection and comfort
  • Both models are bespoke
  • Club is for a one-time production; Pro saves your 3D scans for future reference
  • Club is a more standard, simple design; Pro accommodates branding, such as logos, various colours, and other style adjustments necessary

While the Pro has more perks than the Club model, it is important to note that both are made with the same precision and quality, and you can’t go wrong with any of the models.