Cricket, dubbed England’s national summer sport, was known to have been present since the 17th century. It has largely grown since then, introduced through the English colonies during the 18th century. Today, it is a global sport enjoyed by millions of people of all ages. It is a bat-and-ball game that consists of two teams with 11 players, playing as batsmen and bowlers in alternating turns. The goal is to score the most runs within the duration of the game, and this is done by hitting the ball that is bowled by the other team. 

Junior cricket was established to allow children to participate in the sport. Apart from this, it helps kids create a bond with other kids their own age while developing holistic skills that the sport particularly focuses on, namely overall physical development and teamwork. Of course, every sport has its own caveats, and with cricket, injuries from being in contact with a ball flying at high speeds are fairly probable. With that in mind, the wearing of safety gear, especially helmets, has become compulsory when playing cricket. In this article, we will discuss further our best find when it comes to junior cricket helmets: The Ffrost Junior Cricket Helmet.

Perfect protection

Safety is key when it comes to playing sports, and this is the main focus of the whole line of Ffrost Cricket Helmets. Using the best materials available, their helmets are designed to create all-around protection for the head. The helmet shell has two protective layers made from the most lightweight and most durable materials. The outer layer is made from carbon fibre, the most common material used for helmets as it is a robust material which allows the force to be distributed evenly across the surface rather than the impact point itself. The inner layer is Sorbothane, a great shock absorber which dissipates the energy managing to pass through the inner layer, cushioning the blow further. Furthermore, titanium grills make for a lighter load but with stronger protection than stainless steel. This helmet model is tested against balls flying at speeds up to 120 mph, with the fastest record being a lot slower (around 100 mph).

Perfect fit

Covering the safety aspect of the helmet, Ffrost helmets move on to the second-most important aspect: the fit. The Ffrost brand creates the perfect fit by examining the individual player’s head and facial features through the latest 3D scanning technology, allowing for necessary adjustments for optimized comfort. Each helmet is bespoke, which means junior cricket players will not have to worry about sizes being too big for them. In addition, since facial features are accounted for, titanium grills can be adjusted to provide better visibility, given the limits of protection. This way, the kids can enjoy playing the sport without much discomfort and be at their fullest potential.

The Ffrost Cricket Helmet designs are very versatile; here is another article tackling why this is so: Cricket Helmets: Optimizing your game. It is designed with the goal of safety without sacrificing comfort, which is why it is one of the best in the market.